Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Putna Vadh by Sri Krishna

Putna Vadh by Sri Krishna.

Krishna reached Gokul safely from Mathura. But Kansa was not aware about that. Kansa was worried as he heard from the baby girl Maya’s akashvani that, ”Devki’s eight son is somewhere else and he will kill you”. Kansa had gone mad. He called all his ministers and commanders to decide how to find the boy.

Everybody arrived in Kansa’s court. He ordered to find that kid. But everybody was puzzled because it was not an easy task as there were so many kids born around that time. Then somebody suggested let’s kill all the kids who were born on that day. King Kansa ordered that go and kill all the infants who are born in that month. He added that don’t live a single place in cities and villages kill all the infants.

King Kansa Ministers, commanders and soldiers went and killed each and every kid. But Gokul people saved Balrama and Krishna. Soldiers came back and told two kids of Nand are saved by Gokul people.

He thought all kids are killed only they are saved, hence they are the Devki’s sons. But he was not sure. Hence he thought to send Putna to kill Krishna.

Putna was demon. She looked so ugly. When she went to Gokul she morphed herself into a beautiful lady. She went to Yashoda’s house and told her that,” your son is so adorable, so cute. Let me take him and give him lots of blessing. My milk is booned as amirt. Let me feed your Nand lala.” Hearing this Yashoda was happy that her son will be blessed. And she gave her son to Putna.

As soon as Putna started feeding the Nand lala, she started having severed pain. And because of that she came into her original appearance. Eveybody panicked. Putna ran out of the house with Nand lala and all villagers run after her. Villagers found Putna was dead. And Sri Krishna was sitting on her. Everybody relieved when they found Lord Krishna is safe. They sang and danced to celebrate this occasion.

Sri Krishna Bhagwan ki Jai.

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