Monday, May 7, 2012

Ramayana ABCD....

Click on below link to listen this beautiful bhajan. Great for kids.
Ram Ram Ram Ram, Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ramayana Ramayana, Ramayana Ram
A is for Ayodhya, the kingdom which he ruled
B is for Bharata, who ruled in Rama's stead
C is for Chitrakoot, where Rama made his home
D is for Dasharatha, Rama's father
Ram Ram...
E is for Envy, Manthara poisoned Kaikeyi
F is for Fire, Sita proved her dharma
G is for Guha, receiving Rama in the forest
H is for Hanuman, discovering where Sita stayed
Ram Ram...
I is for Indrajit, who captured Hanuman
J is for Janaka, Sita's father
K is for Kaikeyi, whose plot banished Rama
L is for Lakshmana, who stood by Rama's side
Ram Ram...
M is for Manthara, who devised the wicked plot
N is for Nala, who built the bridge to Lanka
O is for Obedience, which makes this story work
P is for Pushpaka, the chariot of the Gods
Ram Ram...
Q is for Queen Kausalya, mother of Lord Rama
R is for Rama, avataar of Vishnu
S is for Sita, the ideal woman
T is for Tataka, the demon Rama killed
Ram Ram...
U is for Urmila, wife of Lakshman
V is for Valmiki, who wrote this Ramayan
W is for War, Ravana was killed
X is for example, which Rama set for us
Ram Ram...
Y is for Yama, the God of Death
Z is for Zzzzz, Kumbakarna's 6 month nap
Ram Ram Ram Ram, Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ramayana Ramayana, Ramayana Ram

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